Hello Everyone, this is KDT and today were gonna be discussing about a very interesting and popular app in Cyber Security basis which is

Cam Scanner

Cam Scanner : A Virus Or Not
Cam Scanner : A Virus Or Not

Cam Scanner has about 100M+ downloads on playstore. It is also one of the best Document Scanning apps out there. But all of a sudden it showed that Cam Scanner is a Malware while testing it in the Kaspersky Lab and was reported.

This was reported in July 2019, although it is a old news, most of us are not aware of it and still using the Cam Scanner like nothing happened.

The link to the Kaspersky article about Cam Scanner is HERE

The Security Researchers say that the Malware is found on the Cam Scanner app versions of June and July. The Cam Scanners developers was also adding new Advertisements that period.

The malware, once activated, is capable of Downloading and Executing Malicious files on the system. This module was programmed to launch Related ads across the entire phone. In some cases, it also automatically signs up the user to Premium Subscriptions without their knowledge.

The Advertisement library did this by decrypting a Archive in the Application. Then it downloaded additional files from several Hacked Servers. Due to this they can use the infected device to their benefits such as stealing money from their mobile by Subscribing to Premium Subscriptions etc

The Security firm Kaspersky informed about this to Google and then the app was removed from the Play Store and also the similar variants of it being installed on Chinese Smartphones.

On Wednesday, CamScanner, which comes from a Chinese company called CC Intelligence Corporation, confirmed that the app had been infiltrated with malware. The malicious code was sourced back to a third-party ad software development kit from a provider called AdHub. Specifically, the malicious module was focused on producing “unauthorized advertising clicks,” CamScanner tweeted.

Cam Scanner then said that they will be taking immediate actions regarding the Adhub Advertisement service and after the research, Cam Scanner said that they have found any Data leak of customers.

The malicious ad library was embedded in CamScanner starting with version 5.11.7, which was released last month. The affected ad library has been removed, and CamScanner has uploaded a new version of the Android app. It’s was not available on Google Play.

So, i conclude by saying that even though CamScanner app has updated and has no issues now. It is still not recommendable because it might also have another flaw or bug which is harmful to the users.

To avoid that kind of situations, we can go for many great alternatives instead of using Cam Scanner. Let me list out the alternatives to you :

I’ve also given the links to these particular apps on playstore, so please feel free to check it out.