Hello Everyone, today im gonna be discussing about the new social media platform named KEEN released by Google which is a direct rival to pinterest.

It is Available today on the web and Android, co-founder CJ Adams says Keen aims to be an alternative to “mindlessly” surfing online feeds.

Keen was developed by the Area 120, a Google workshop for experimental products, which works in a similar way to Pinterest. “Keen lets you curate the content you love, share your collection with others and find new content based on what you have saved.” said Keen co-founder CJ Adams

The aim of the app is to make your browsing experience better, such that it adds value in terms of saving time and educating oneself about a topic they are interested in

One powerful tool at the disposal of Keen is the machine-learning feature of Google.

Google wanted this app to be automated with great capabilities in collaboration with the company’s People and AI Research (PAIR) team, it will help Keen have human-centred machine learning, to deliver what Google wants to deliver to the users.

Once a particular Keen is created by a user, one can then selectively add to their interests and remove items one doesn’t want and then share the Keen with others to allow them to also add content. It can neither be public nor private. Keen users will also have email notifications when new content is available.

It remains to be unclear if Keen can be successful, or end up like many of Google’s cancelled experimental projects.

The company is known for cancelling several projects every month, many of those had been in development for years. A long list of its trashed projects can be viewed on the Killed By Google webpage.

The company’s Google Play Music app is also set to be shut down and replaced with YouTube Music by the end of 2020. If you want to read my article on Google Play Music,  Click Here.